Ways Stairs Can Improve Your Health

people in escalator

Using stairs regularly can save your life. This is however not known to most people. Climbing eight stairs flights a day lowers your risk of dying early and improve your health. Stair climbing has become a popular exercise that you can use your smartphone to count when climbing the stairs.

How climbing stairs regularly benefits you

Muscle strength and body buildingfit man

Climbing the stairs is a form of walking that is more strenuous than normal walking. This is because during this exercise you have gone against the gravity. You, therefore, have to put more effort hence work out more. It will helpĀ to strengthen the muscle tone and increase your bone density thus reduces chances of developing osteoporosis.

Helps the heart

Stair climbing helps to raise your heart rate, preventing artery blockage and high blood pressure. This way you boost your cardiovascular system hence reducing the risk of heart diseases, vascular dementia, and diabetes.

Weight loss

It is a form of vigorous exercise which helps to burn more calories each minute than jogging. If you are heavy, then this will be able to expend more calories. Most energy is lost even when you are climbing the stairs at normal speed. This can help your waistline to shrink if you do it regularly and in the event lose weight.

Good for busy lifestyles

Climbing the stairs is flexible, convenient and time efficient as well. You may start off by taking one or two flights and improve gradually. You may use the staircase in public places if you are busy that is if you live in a bungalow. Besides, it does not need you to have any special skills or sporting abilities. It is also easy building it into your life hence you can comfortably make it a routine.

Costs nothing

Stair climbing is free, and you do not need to enroll in a gym or pay any subscription fee. No special clothing or equipment is required hence it is a cheap form of exercise.

Relieves stress

Stair climbing is good for imdepressed manproving the mental state since the physical exertion will release endorphin which that releases tension and give you a lifted spirit. It helps to raise the energy levels thus making you feel better.

You need to maintain exercise to have a healthy body. This may not be easy however due to busy lifestyles and gym costs. Stair climbing can help you achieve these benefits so it time to get going.