How to Know the Perfect Rebounder for Lymph Drainage

Our lymphatic system is an essential part of our anatomy, but an ordinary individual may have lesser knowledge. It is considered a sub-system of the circulatory system that helps maintain fluid balance in the body by collecting waste and excess fluid and depositing them into the bloodstream. The lymphatic system is comprised of a complex network of vessels, tissues, and organs that supply disease-fighting lymphocytes. Organs included in our lymphatic system are the spleen, tonsils, thymus, appendix, and bone marrow.

Many factors can obstruct lymph vessels. We may experience swelling, and the long term effect of blocked lymph vessels are unhealthy cells. This makes detoxification of our lymphatic system crucial. One proven method of helping our lymphatic system drain waste and excess fluid efficiently is through rebounding.

Rebounding is a set of exercises that you can do on a small-sized trampoline called a rebounder. The exercise regimen does not need to be complicated but should include jumping. This helps the muscles to relax and contract, which aids in pumping lymphatic fluid in the vessels. With this importance, it pays to buy the best rebounder.


Inspect the Weight Limit

Each specific model of a rebounder has its maximum carrying capacity. It is a prerequisite to know your exact weight before buying an exercise trampoline. If you weigh more than the carrying capacity of a rebounder, the bungee cord may snap easily.

Know the Measurement

The dimension of a rebounder should accommodate the movements that you include in your exercise regimen. A jumping mat with no less than 30 inches in diameter can be just enough for your exercises. Another thing to consider is the height, so your feet should not be touching the ground.

Check on the Frame

jumpChecking on the frame will let you know the durability, stability, and portability of a rebounder. The legs and the frame should be made from heavy-duty steel to prevent it from giving way to your weight. They should also be coated to avoid rust.

It helps to choose a trampoline with six legs to ensure stability. Consider also the weight. Lightweight trampolines are more convenient to move from one place to another.

Consider Safety

Trampolines can either be spring-based or have bungee cords. This can determine the bounce quality of a rebounder. Spring-based rebounders are generally more bouncy but may not be very safe as they may snap anytime. Bungee cords are more durable without having to fear that it may give way anytime soon.

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