Things Women Should Keep In Mind For Healthy Living


Women today are caught up in life that they barely get time to check on their health. They tend to prioritize work and family over anything else and thus ignore health problems. Some of these health problems may not be serious at the onset hence they do not care about them. It is, therefore, imperative for women to make their health a priority above anything.

Beauty and health tips every woman should have in the daily regime

Lemon juiceglasses of tea

Having a glass of lemon juice as the first food every morning is good for your digestive system. The body release acids when you sleep because of the dinner being digested. When you wake up, your stomach lining is acidic hence taking this beverage neutralizes your stomach. Make it habit therefore of drinking this juice in lukewarm water each morning

Morning walk

Regard of how difficult late walking is to you or how late you sleep, a thirty minutes activity is vital for every woman. Taking a walk in the morning is good for your lungs since you get to breathe fresh air and fresh throughout the day. You should ensure you have a walk each day to lead a healthy life.


If the weather is not favorable for going outside for exercise, then you can do some yoga since yoga is considered a complete exercise. It helps to relax your body, calm your mind without having to do any muscle strain that you would otherwise do.


Rather than gorging on sweet meals or refines sugars, have fruits. Fruits have natural sugars that are packed with nutrition and help curb your craving for sugar. Avoid refined sugars by taking lots of fruits.


In as much as your food may be nutritious, it may lack some essential nutrients that are important for your body. Joint pains due to calcium, for instance, is a major complaint in women above thirty years. You should, therefore, ensure you go for regular medical checkups and add necessary supplements to your routine but after your doctor’s advice.


Walking each morning cwomen stretchingan be monotonous, and you may also lack time to do the rest of the chores. You can opt to
go for a rigorous walk for your body to be warm. After this, you can stretch for ten minutes. Doing this exercise will work to keep you in good shape.

These are some of the things women should put into consideration to ensure that they have a good life and balance this with work and family.